Our Future

The New Life Thrift Shop is planning an extensive remodeling project that includes repair and expansion of the parking lot as well as new flooring and store fixtures.  We are removing walls and totally changing the floor plan to improve flow and access.  We have started to make changes, but we need your monetary contributions to make the complete renovation a success.  The parking lot expansion and repair which will give us about 20 new spaces, is schedules to take place in September.  New vinyl epoxy flooring is projected for installation in February.  New shelving is being fabricated and installed along much of the exterior walls.  New clothing racks must be purchased to accommodate the new wall design.  Locking showcases will be installed to effectively display some of our upscale items.  New counters at the register are needed for visibility and to better display jewelry and finer small pieces.  Below you will find some of the items on our wish list 

It is our intent to greatly improve your shopping experience.  But this is an expensive project.  One hundred percent of our profits are returned to the community.  We do not wish to harm our primary mission.  Would you please help by sending your tax free donation today?

We are providing a donation button to assist your giving process. Your generosity and gift to the New Life Thrift shop is greatly appreciated.